Kornely, Blake Inez

by poolefh | April 24, 2021 2:00 pm

Blake Inez Kornely, beloved daughter of Alisha and Alex Kornely, passed away peacefully on April 24, 2021. Blake made a grand entrance into this world at only 31 weeks, bright and early in the morning on April Fools Day, April 1, 2021. 

While Blake’s time here was short, it was full. She overcame numerous obstacles and procedures, continuing to fight through everything and show everyone her strength. Her resilience made it clear that she was stubborn, feisty, and had a heart of gold. Every day with her was truly a gift. Her parents spent nearly every minute by her side in the NICU; treasuring each moment they had with her. Blake was so fortunate to be showered with love during her time at Children’s Hospital. Not just by her parents, but by the staff as well. Blake had an amazing team of doctors and nurses who did everything they could to make her time here meaningful—all of which have become memories and moments to treasure forever.  

After almost 20 days in the NICU, Blake made it apparent that it was not yet her time. Blake was able to come home on hospice; a very special opportunity for her to spend a few extra days with her parents and her puppy, Bill. Her parents were so grateful for this extra time and were able to hold her close and take her on adventures to see her hometown of Port Washington. Blake was able to see the lake, the nature preserve, school, the hardware store, and many other places in between. While home, she was able to meet so many important people in her life (from near and far). Having this time with Blake, as well as with family and friends, created memories that will be cherished forever. Blake was loved so deeply and will be greatly missed by her parents, as well as all of people who were able to meet her, and all of those whose lives she touched. 

The family will receive visitors at Poole Funeral Home, 203 N. Wisconsin St. Port Washington, on Saturday, May 1, 2021 from 11 AM-2 PM. This is simply a celebration of her life and a gathering in her memory. 

One of Blake’s parents favorite memories at the NICU was the bows Blake received each day. It was something special they looked forward to, something that made the days a little better. However, there were not any bows attached to headbands, so one of her doctors actually began creating bows for Blake at home and bringing them to her in the morning. 

In lieu of flowers and other donations, the parents have instead asked for the donation of preemie and newborn headbands/bows for them to donate to the NICU at Children’s Hospital. This way, other parents can experience the extra bit of joy they were able to during their stay. 

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